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Are there any stores that carry Rocslide near me?
Yes! Rocslide is featured in fine boutiques and specialty department stores across the country and around the world. To find a Rocslide retailer near you, please visit our Store Locator. Can I shop for Rocslide online?
Yes! The Official Rocslide website is your online shopping destination for all things Rocslide. Simply click Shop and let the shopping magic begin! Can I cancel / edit my order?
Yes. You may cancel, edit or add to your online order, before it has been shipped. We are here to make shopping for Rocslide fun and easy. Can I return an item purchased online?
We accept exchanges within 30 days and are always here to help you shop for other Rocslide jewels, if you need assistance. How do I care for/clean my Rocslide Jewels?
Rocslide jewels are as precious as you are, so care for them as you would fine jewelry. Store them in their satin bags, for safe keeping, and wipe them with a soft cloth. Can I wear my Rocslide Jewels in the water?
Rocslide jewels love to sparkle, but they don’t love salt water, chlorine, sunscreen, tanners or any harsh chemicals. Always remember to Slip Off your jewels before going in the water. If I am a Retailer, how can I carry Rocslide in my store?
Becoming a Rocslide Retailer is simple! Please visit our Wholesale Page and simply complete the New Retailer Form and we will be in touch. How and where is Rocslide jewelry made?
Rocslide Jewels are crafted by artisans in Thailand and feature hand-set Czech crystals and Rhodium or 14k gold-plating. Do you offer FREE SHIPPING?
Yes! We offer FREE SHIPPING on all standard shipping orders. If you need your Rocslide right away, you can certainly pay for expedited shipping!

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